We’ve had a Phony feeling of higher-fiving one another for some time. Selling prices went up on everything I own no less than 35 per cent—I think the stats say the common appreciation past 12 months was 28 %.Two Gals drive to a small Las Vegas retail plaza, get out in their auto and peer with the locked doors of real estate agency Goliath Co., … Read More

It really felt like they were being exploiting lousy, needy individuals who were being Determined for a few profits. The illustrations they gave were Absurd. Very first they showed a slide of a fancy McMansion, declaring it absolutely was Within this upscale suburb below.With knowledge below his belt, Yancey invitations Every person in spite of fin… Read More

They don’t provide a d**n about everyone’s wellbeing. They set every one of these video clips about numerous sob tales up and also have you all watch them and make you believe the tax liens and the other opportunities they throw to choose from are really easy to carry out and can make you SO much income. The sole way They can be building their … Read More

scott and amy yancy Scott Yancey is the President from Goliath Company, a real estate property brokerage in Las Vegas, NV. He is actually a full time real estate investor, published writer, and also world-renowned teacher. Together with his wife Amie, he is likewise the range of his very own tv system, "Flipping Vegas," where he takes visitors insi… Read More